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A Hoosier living among the canyons of Los Angeles, my writing and editing is rooted in my interest and fandom of music, including current and historic American, British, and Australian artists and movements. I also write about dance, television and film, from time to time. I hold an undergraduate degree in literature from Indiana University and a masters degree in journalism from DePaul University, with an emphasis on digital storytelling. Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss a project, a rad LP, or my love of Island-era Richard and Linda Thompson. I'm also available to speak about my work as Jason Molina's biographer, and about research and documentary narrative in general. If you're a filmmaker interested in discussing a Molina documentary, please contact my literary agent Alice Speilburg: alice [at] speilburgliterary [dot] com.

Twitter: @ohnoerino
Email: erino [dot] writes [at] gmail [dot] com